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Sichuan Cuisine

Typical food style
Sichuan cuisine is one of China's four great cuisine,it originated in the sichuan province(today Chongqing city),sichuan cuisine is not only loved by residents of sichuan but also enjoyed by people from all over China and even in a number of foreigh countries,in this sense,sichuan cuisine will be belong to China and the world as well.

The splendid culture of Chinese food

Siu mei is essentially the Chinese rotisserie style of cooking.Unlike most other Cantonese dishes,Siu mei consists only of meat,with no vegetables.It creates a unique barbecun flavor that a sauce is usually added but a different sauce is used for each meat. Shandong cuisine also named lu cai,An important part of four major cuisines of China.It is famous for the representatives of north Chinacuisine.Shandong cuisine originated in the QI and LU areas in spring-autumn and warring states period.Formed in the Qin and Han dynasties.After the song dynasty,Shandong cuisine has become the representative of North China cuisine.such as Jinan style dishes,Jiaodong style dishes,Confucius style dishes. Jiaodong style dishes:Known for fushan dishes in yantai,and it is good at seafood.it keep ingredient flavor and focus on the color.the representatives are quick-fired huangcai,sofe-fried meatballs with sugar,soft-fried pork filet.
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  • Known for guanfu style dishes.good at cooking techniques.and you can eat no rice but is of the finest quality,nor meat but is finely minced.the representatives are yipin bean curd,go to court with child boiled ginkgo.